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Cleaning Your Window Coverings


Airstream uses two variety of curtain fabrics in their travel trailers: a light and airy loose-weave fabric for the curtains in the Classic Airstreams, and a more opaque, sturdy fabric in all their other travel trailers.

While both curtains types may be machine-washed, Airstream recommends dry-cleaning for the polyester curtains. If you decide to wash the polyester curtains in your washing machine, make sure you air-dry them (lay them out flat) rather than putting them in your dryer. 

For the loose-weave curtains in your Classic, Airstream recommends machine washing on a gentle cycle using Woolite detergent. These curtains may be dried in your dryer or laid out flat to air dry. To remove stains, one Airstreamer found that soaking his curtains in a solution of 1/4 cup Oxi-Clean and two gallons of water for two hours did the trick.

Pleated Shades

These window coverings should be cleaned with a dry brush or a vacuum—never get the shade wet, or you'll lose your pleats. If one of your shades gets stained, us the suds only of a mild detergent like Ivory and scrub gently.

Curtains in Airstream travel trailers.